our story

Balrog coffee’s doors opened in 2016

with the idea that a great cup should highlight the sweet fruit flavors found in coffee. Built from the love to innovate and create an exceptional coffee experience, Balrog is owned and operated by Tommy Kim.

Work Environment

Consisting of 1 retail cafés and a roasting facility located in Montebello/Los Angeles, California, we strive to provide a supportive, comfortable & progressive workplace for our employees.

We believe a positive working environment is essential for providing excellent customer service & hospitality that welcomes all people in the community.

our approach

Coffee & Roasting

Our approach to roasting is different for each coffee. When purchasing green coffee from producers at origin, we recognize that every coffee has its own unique story.

Therefore, we took our own green coffee and compose a custom roast profile that showcases its distinctive qualities and highlights its individual stories. Tommy Kim take a tailored approach to roasting, achieving coffee’s full potential through multiple cuppings and careful analysis. We firmly believe that great coffee is not an accident, and we strive to reach the pinnacle of flavor and aroma with each roast every time.

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